Thursday, November 15, 2007

Conquest of Mars (Champ Games 2006)

Wow. This is quite an impressive outing on the 2600. This incredible game is based (and quite like) Caverns of Mars, which was a 1981 game programmed for the Atari 8-bit computers, which kind of was a vertical scrolling version of the Konami arcade game Scramble. I hated this game at first; the laser gate level seemed to hard to get through with out any visual ques to help...but it is doable, and once that hurdle was overcome I began to realize what a fantastic game this is. You scroll downward through six martian caverns avoiding all kinds of obstacles to defuse a bomb at the bottom. Then you must make your way back up before the bomb explodes. This game DOES have a high difficulty level; so much so I thought of downgrading it's rating a little....but I can't, this title is pure genius. Plus, the programmer states that there's a nice ending if you can complete all levels.

Rating: A

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