Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gyruss (Parker Brothers 1984)

By the time the mid-80s had arrived, I wasn't playing arcade games anymore, but a friend of mine had the fortune of his parents buying him a Texas Instruments computer in which he had a bunch of the old games that I loved from a few years back, like Pac-Man, on floppy disk. One game that I wasn't familiar with though was Gyruss. It became my favorite game to play on the computer. The 2600 version captures the spirit of the game. It has the famous Bach fugue playing continuously, but no other sound effects. The alien spacecraft do not have the circular formation in the middle of the screen; they simply disappear; plus they look like single colored flying blocks. All the levels are included--including the planets (except Jupiter) and the chance stages. It's a must to hit the middle satellite for double shots, because shooting singly is a lukewarm experience. Watch those meteors as well--I play the most difficult setting and am always getting nailed by those things. Really, a shadow of it's arcade namesake.....but it works, and I like it.

Rating: B

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