Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Astroblast (M-Network 1982)

It was a frustrating ordeal going over to my neighbors to try to play Astrosmash on their Intellivision. If I would have been paying attention, I could have been enjoying (nearly) the same game on my vcs as much as I wanted. It's even been said that the version they made for the 2600 is superior to the original. I'm not going to debate that, but this is a good game. You get very fast action using the paddle controllers. The drawback is that there is a glitch in either the scoring or number of lives (I don't remember) once your score starts reaching mammoth heights. I use the joystick because of this. For the action you sacrifice, you get a helluva challenge. Anyway, the Intellivision version used the disc, not, really, if one wants to nitpick, the joystick is the more "pure" way to play. It's fun either way.

Rating: B

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